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Walking out the Front Door

2  Finally

3  The Day of a Rose


5  Request Love

6  Bad  Cowgirl ( Go to my Room)

Step by Step

8  The World turn for you

High as a Fire

10 Love # One

11 The same ole Way

12 Big Boss



Winter Wonderland

2  Santa Claus is comin’ to Town

3  Santa looked a lot ike Daddy

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rindeer

5  Silent Night

6  Fluffy Powder

7  Jingle Bells

Little Drummer Boy

9  Honky Tonk Christmas

10 What Child is this

11 Silver Bells

12 White Christmas



Joe’s Honky Tonk

2  Friendship

3  Rocking

The Fight

5  Bayou Sam


7  You walking out the front Door

8  Gator Gumbo

9  Sun and Moon

10 Old Continent

11 Stay a Life

12 The Wintercamping

13 A long Road

14 Four Seasons of my Life

15 I want to go to Nashville



The Fire on the Mountains


3  Rodeo Girl

4  I build my Home

5  All’s was bruuchsch

6  25 Year after Love

7  A Horse (is not a Horse)

Country Star’s

9  Unbreakable Love

10 With a Friend like you

11 Wild and Free

12 My own Business